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Philippines Investment Consulting Firm
Philippines Private Equity Consulting Company
The Philippines presents a fast-growing M&A market. M&A in the country was recorded to rise by 398.2% in the first half of 2019. The Philippines is among the fastest-growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of M&A deals.

As for foreign portfolio investments, the country saw net outflows of $345 million in November 2019 as a result of $1.5 billion in outflows and $1.2 billion in inflows. The number was 41.4% lower than the $2 billion-level recorded in the previous year.

Market Research Philippines will help you thrive in private equity and investment industry in the country with advisory services in the areas of portfolio and performance management, M&A strategies, fintech and exit support. Our consultants understand the future challenges in the market and will offer you deep industry insights to achieve constant growth.

Our Key Service Offerings

Philippines Market Intelligence

We help clients to predict the change in market demands as well as emerging competitive threats by providing evidence-based marketplace insights from our practical experiences.

Philippines Market Entry

We measure options and reduce financial uncertainty for clients before entering the market by providing comprehensive informations on competitors, customers, channels, suppliers, partners, and other market dynamics.

Philippines Competitive Intelligence

To avoid excessive omissions, we analyse the market competition and get insights from best practices. We guarantee our clients make sure clients receive strategic advantage by discovering blind spots, opportunities and room for improvement.

Philippines Customer Intelligence

Our team provides analysis on customers’ buying trends, demographics and behavior particularly to support new products development.

Our Success Stories

Pre-Entry Business Plan Validation for a Japanese Logistics Firm in the Philippines

Developing a pre-entry business plan for a Japanese MNC entering the Philippine logistic market through a new innovative product initially.


Our Success Stories

Pre-M&A Cement Market Study

Performing pre-M&A market study for a potential acquisition of a competitor in the Philippine cement industry.



E-money Usage
The Philippine’s E-Payment Target Gets Promoted During Quarantine

The BSP has initially set an ambitious target to increase the value and volume of e-payment transactions to reach 30% and 20% of the total respectively by 2020.

european union urges philippines boost export
European Union Urges the Philippines to Boost Export Under GSP Plus

The European Union (EU) is encouraging the Philippines to boost the use of the Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP) Plus.

philippines hog industry
Philippines Hog Industry Loses USD 20 Million Due to Swine Flu

The highly contagious pig disease is spreading quickly in the Philippines, causing nearly USD 20 million (PHP 1 billion) loss over a month for the hog industry.

digitalization fix philippines healthcare
Can Digitization Fix the Philippines’ Healthcare Challenges?

Digitization in healthcare can address gaps including rising health care costs, lack of human resources and infrastructure in the Philippines.

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