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Dive into market opportunities, trends and dynamics in the Philippines auto industry.

Philippines Automotive Consulting Company
Philippines Automotive & Mobility Consulting Firm
Automotive industry is witnessing considerable growth in recent years, particularly boosted by the robust sales of commercial vehicles and passenger cars. It has been showing a double-digit growth over a month period. Moreover, the stable economic condition contributes to building a friendly environment for the auto market.

The government aims to make the country a competitive manufacturing base for motor vehicles, as well as their parts and components. By 2022, it is expected that the industry will achieve full capacity utilization with 150% increase nationwide.

Market Research Philippines is committed to guiding players in the automotive industry to enter and capture opportunities in the market. Our automotive advisory services cover the dynamic of the auto industry across several areas, including automotive digitalization, smart and electric vehicles, commercial and passenger vehicles, aftermarket and servicing, lubricants, and many more.

Our Key Service Offerings

Philippines Market Intelligence

We get our hands on real cases to provide evidence-based insights. We help clients to be able to compete in a fast shift market as well as competitive challenges from competitors.

Philippines Market Entry

We map essential information such as competitors, customers, channels, suppliers, partners and other market weigh options and minimize financial uncertainty for clients.

Philippines Competitive Intelligence

We analyse market competition in the Philippines and learn from best practices to avoid costly omissions. We assure that our clients will obtain strategic advantage by discovering competitors’ blind spots, untapped opportunities and potential improvement.

Philippines Customer Intelligence

Our team identifies customers’ buying trends for important input in new products development, targeted customers’ demographics as well as behaviour through buyers’ persona.

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